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Manned and Mobile guard services

Fort Knox Guards is the Security Arm of the Group licensed to render professional security and community relations services. Fort Knox Guards provides unparalleled security services by employing sate of the art technologies to ensure that our security solutions truly exceed expectations.

The companys directors and management teams are made up of experienced individuals with military background, paramilitary training and corporate executives with high levels of integrity and moral standing. Fort Knox Guards helps you improve customer service and reduce crime risks on your location(s) through a complete security program that protects your key assets: Your people and property. read more

security operative electronic supervision

Fort Knox Patrol provides auditing of the Physical Guard Services provided by Fort Knox Guards and monitors the tour of duty of Fort Knox Guards to ensure guards deployed in the field properly fulfill their mandate

Our innovative guard tour solution called the Fort Knox Electronic Patrol Monitoring System (ePMS), provides a guard patrol fiction system that ensures that your guards are not sleeping when you are. This solution ensures that your guards stay alert and observant throughout their shift thus, guaranteeing a soundly secure environment day or night.

The ePMS accurately logs the data and time of a guards patrol and gives an infallible reading of patrols done on time, late missed as such presenting an accurate record of each guards activity.

The ePMS software provides an easy to read report in MS Excel and also in PDF formats which can be sent via the internet to a remotely located relevant user.

The ePMS package comes with a compact, light weight and weatherized high tech patrol wand equipped with a proximity RFID chip for reading within range unique guard identity tag and strategically placed checkpoint buttons along critical patrol routes.

electronic defence and security equipment

FKG is committed to always delivering complete security solutions that exceed expectations. Our robust and innovate asset tracking capability is a fact to this end.

Additionally, FKG has forged global partnerships with world-class equipment manufacturers, enableing us to provide state-of-the-art security products, such as:

  • The FKG Access Control System
  • The MSCOPE Portable Metal Detector
  • The FERRET undercarriage inspection system and
  • The F50 Unmanned Aerial Monitoring System
  • Night-vision binoculars

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